Clash Detection
Additional Applications

ParaMatic 3D Laser Scan


ParaMatic’s 3D Laser Scan pinpoints the necessary information regarding assets for when it comes to making modifications or relocations, from point cloud visualization to detailed engineering and drawings, we guarantee accuracy,  cost and time reduction.

By adopting a strategy of building a high-quality and accurate digital twin of an asset using our Paramatic 3D Laser Scan allows for informed change management, resulting in more advanced planning, faster execution and better reporting of changes.

Potential uses

Clash Detection

  • Detection of clashes both soft and hard.
  • It is is somehow less costly to eliminate clashes detected at design stage.
  • With enough information objects can be examined with relevant standards for compliance.


  • ParaMatic Digital twin based on point cloud allows for a robust design approach for retrofitting.
  • Easily locate accurate points between retrofit parts on the assets interface and the existing asset.
  • Reduced design time and cost effective reworks.

Additional Applications

  • We can reverse engineer replacement parts considered critical or non-responsive OEM parts.
  • We offer quality control and analyse fabricated items before handing over to the client.
  • As-built models for developing BIM and CAD documentation.

Marhinus du Plessis

Systems Engineer

I’ve been in Engineering since my youth, moving from boilermarking into construction, site management and into an OEM drawing office. I have designed specialised applications for Tekla and Inventor. At ParaMatic I am responsible for systems specification, design and detailing.

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