Lifelines For Walls

Wall Anchors

When securely anchored to a lifeline along a wall or a facade, a user can safely work on a ledge. With conventional lifelines systems, users who are anchored to the same trajectory have to disconnect from the lifeline in an unsafe zone, in order to pass each other. In our vision, this unacceptable.

XSPlatforms is the only manufacturer that offers a multi-cable lifeline solution, which allows users to safely pass each other without having to disconnect. LinkedPro allows, multiple users to efficiently work together along a wall, without compromising safety.

Modular Wall Systems & Lifelines

Our lifeline systems are designed to make fall protection easier for everyone involved: users, customers and suppliers. We offer a complete range of solutions for a safe and durable lifeline track on almost every type of wall surface, at waist level or at shoulder height.

The development of our fall protection solution is based on the vision that every building is different, and that every project is unique. With our modular fall protection solutions, different components can be combined to create a suitable solution based on specific requirements.

Fall Clearance Wall Systems

The requirements for a lifeline attached to a wall or a facade depends on a number of factors, including the fall height, the surface on which the system is mounted, the desired usage of the lifeline and the application standards and regulations.

With our modular build up of our anchor points, both our single cable lifeline (XSLinked) and our multi-cable lifeline (LinkedPro) can be mounted on different kinds of steel, concrete or brick surfaces, using the same components.

Additional Components And Equipment

XSDynamic prevents damage to the structure at the points where the system is anchored, by absorbing the forces generated by a fall. XSPoint provides further risk reduction by making it impossible for users to disconnect from the lifeline in an unsafe zone

Both our lifeline solutions can be supplemented with these additional components. Furthermore, XSPlatforms can provide all the PPE that is necessary to work with a lifeline along a wall or facade, such as safety harness and lanyards.

Our XSPlatforms Lifelines

XSPlatforms LinkedPro

Our XSPlatform LinkedPro System can be used by a maximum of three workers different lifelines . It consists of three separate lifelines, thus workers can pass each other without disconnecting from the lifelines.

XSPlatforms XSLinked

Our XSPlatforms XSLinked System is a single cable horizontal lifeline solution. Thus users in order to pass each other will require to disconnect from the single cable horizontal lifeline.