Horizontal Rail System

Our XSPlatform XSRail System

The XRail system is a rigid horizontal rail system, combined with a runner, which allows users to safely work at heights. The functionality of the XSRail system can be compared with a horizontal lifeline. Both systems have their own features and advantages.

The advantages of a rail system over a lifeline system is that rail has less deflection when a fall occurs. Because of this, the fall distance is shorter than with a lifeline system. So, for projects and situations where limited fall clearance is available, an XSRail system will be the best solution. Especially when using an automatic fall arrest device the user will be arrested almost immediately if a fall occurs.

All advantages of the system

  • Limited deflection, which requires less fall clearance
  • The XSRail can easily be integrated into the structure of the building (i.e ceiling)
  • Secures up to 6 users simultaneously on a single span
  • Configuration with relatively limited number of components, due to longer span lengths of up to 6 meter per section
  • Low maintenance – suitable for industrial and/or marine environments
  • Easy installation – the XSRail can be installed with an Allen Key and a socket wrench

Our Rail System Range

Our range of horizontal XSRail systems are suitable for installation on flat or low sloped concrete roofs, walls and ceilings of rigid overhead structures. Also this system can be mounted on ceilings or be incorporated in rigid overhead structures, such as steel I-beams.

Like most XSPlatforms fall protections systems the XSRail system is built up out of modular components. Meaning that several products can be used for all three types of installation: roof, wall and overhead.

Roof - XSRail

Wall - XSRail

Overhead - XSRail