Fall Protection PPE Sets

Offshore Set

A high-end  set that can be used in a industrial and offshore-environment. It offers high quality products that provide ultimate comfort during various types of work.

The Expert Premium IV harness is a high-end, comfortable harness with attachment points on the back, the chest and two D-rings on the hips for work positioning. A forked flexible lanyard provides comfort and safety with 100% tie-off required when progressive movement is needed from one anchor point to another. The positioning lanyard can be used when a free hand work situation is needed. Furthermore, the suspension trauma relief strap will help preventing a Suspension Trauma in case a fall occurred.


Art. No.

Expert Premium IV
Arrest Flex forked XL
Adjustable Positioning lanyards (5 m)
Suspension Trauma Relief strap (set of 2)
Tool cord
Climbing bag