Fall Protection PPE Sets

Steep Sloped Roof Set Basic

This set is specially compiled for work on steep roofs. Check the local standards in your region for the definition of a steep roof. Furthermore, this set can be used in situations where no permanent anchorage is available: combine the sling with the kernmantle rope to create a temporary anchor point.

This set contains a safety harness with 2 attachment points, a kernmantle rope with a Rope Grab, a throw line to get the kernmantle rope over a roof and a sling for temporary anchorage.

  • Maximum reach: 20 meters.
  • Can only be used when 2.0 meters of fall clearance is available, measured from the feet of the user.


Art. No.

Static II
Kernmantle rope (20 m)
16440 - 20
Rope Grab (11 mm)
Sling 1200
Throw line (50 m)
Storage bag

*No manual action is needed to lock the karabiner and the lock won’t open unintentionally.